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Classes that build inquisitive, resourceful readers.

July 23- August 27, 2018 

Interpreting the Tarot

Learn how to read Tarot for yourself! Six weeks of theory and practical application of contemporary Tarot reading techniques supports you in building a powerful, personal reading practice.

Your enrollment includes a complimentary reading and one-on-one guidance from Carly. This class is open to all-levels of experience and is a mandatory class for anyone wishing to move into the advanced class.

Each evening begins with a personal reading known as the Tarot check-in. We'll learn the weekly lesson and apply it using one another through experiential case studies. To encourage intuition and creativity, classes will end with a unique game or Tarot challenge. Homework is suggested, but not required. 

Enrollment is limited to only 5 students to enable a personal and highly-supportive environment for experimentation. Sign up now to reserve your spot!


Learning the Cards 

This advanced course explores the classical meanings of the Major Arcana cards using the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot deck. We will enrich our understanding of the Tarot cards by learning traditional meanings, modern interpretations, and the language of symbols. 

A complimentary reading with Carly is included.

Each class will focus on a unique set of cards then culminate with mini-readings shared among fellow students. Creative prompts will introduce new spreads, fun challenges, and fresh applications of Tarot to your life.

*Interpreting the Tarot is a pre-requisite for this class. 




Ancient Modern Dance Series 

Beyonce vs Beledi... 7/18

The Divas of Egypt's Golden Age... 8/15

Egyptian House Party... 9/19


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Carly’s teaching style is witty and insightful and her personalized course contains everything a novice tarot reader needs to guide them through the wonderful world of tarot!
— Sahar H.
Carly’s blend of enthusiasm and cool, clear, articulate explanations of Tarot made it a real joy to learn from her. As someone who was not very familiar at all with Tarot, I was reluctant to dive into what seemed like such a mysterious art. However, Carly explained things in modern terms and with a sensitivity that put me at ease. I was especially drawn to her explanation of card reading as a creative process, and I look forward to applying some of those techniques to my own creative process.
— Jeff N.










6:00 - 7:00 pm
REVELRY, 508 East 5th St, Austin, TX
Includes 6 weeks of study, booklet, and a complimentary reading with Carly.

You Will Learn

- How to ask the right questions
- How to guide and pace a reading

- Craft messages for graceful delivery
- Brief history of the cards
- Interpreting cards in context using personal intuition and other hints




Classes: 7:15 - 8:15 pm
REVELRY, 508 East 5th St, Austin, TX
6 weeks of study, practice opportunity, and a complimentary reading with Carly.