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Tarot is a visual medium. Paired with an insightful reader, it becomes a tool for exploring the narratives in our lives. We aren't psychics, we are creative-problem solvers who help you find solutions that work for your life!

My goal is to help you acknowledge the story you tell yourself. By bringing this to light, we can identify the underlying beliefs that subconsciously driving your choices. A great reader helps you see what you believe while integrating what you desire into a  a step-by-step action plan that helps you move forward. This style of coaching supports everything from building a business to emotional healing.

Our clients light up when they unlock their answers and that's the moment that drives us to keep doing our work. My readers guide your session to have the greatest impact on the topics you care about the most. 

I can't wait to share this work with you! Let's read together, today.

Very sincerely,


Carly Fischer
Founder, Sound Sight Tarot

Carly Fischer, 2016  Photo by Katharine Fan Photography

Carly Fischer, 2016
Photo by Katharine Fan Photography





About Carly

Carly is a Montana-native with an Austin heart.

She spent several years working with Facebook, where she became inspired by the impact her Tarot readings had on fellow employees. She left Facebook in 2017 to lead Sound Sight Tarot full-time. Sound Sight Tarot was nominated by the Austin Chronicle's Reader Poll as one of the best Tarot reading services in Austin in 2017. Carly is also the author of the companion guide to The Lost Tarot by Hans Bauer.

She is a graduate of the Dharma Yoga School's 200-hour teacher training with mentors Keith Kachtick and Camilla Figueroa. Dharma Yoga practices Hatha yoga through the lense of Buddhist practice and somatic therapy. 

Her playful and creative practices encourage people to explore their life. She aims to help people to replace fear of the unknown with an insatiable curiosity.

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