a brain-powered approach

Why Tarot Works

Tarot is a visual-medium used as creative tool to unpack elements of a subconscious. By asking the right questions, I recieve informative responses from you, the client. We use this information in collaboration to make an action-plan for your life. Don't bother predicting the future. CREATE IT.


Read, Reflect, Course correct. 



Founder of Austin tech company, ReDenim, Kelly Ernst, experienced a 20% increase of confidence when making decisions after our Tarot sessions.

“I’m always apprehensive in big decisions but this helped me focus instead of being overwhelmed by choice.” - Kelly Ernst

When asked whether she would find it helpful to offer this service to employees at her office she replied:

“YES - Personal clarity increases efficiency at work. Anything that helps an employee handle a personal situation so that they can increase efficiency at work is valuable to an employer.”

100% of clients surveyed in 2017 found their reading helpful on the life-topic discussed during their reading.




increase of confidence when making a decision after a sound sight Tarot reading



Number of people who had a Sound Sight Tarot Reading in 2017