Frequently Asked Questions


Will Tarot tell me my future?

Nope. Tarot is not predictive. Each action we take will affects our future. Our reading supports you in making choices that serve your highest good. When you understand that you have the power to create your future you'll no longer need divination to predict it.

Is Tarot a spiritual practice?

Some people may feel that way. SST employs Tarot as a tool to analyze thinking patterns and provoke mindset shifts. Our readings will not conflict with a personal religious belief or spiritual preferences.

Can anyone read Tarot?

YES! That's why we love to share it with you. We have studied all the cards in depth in order to apply their messages for the greatest personal good in your life. Introspection, empathy, and compassion are what it takes! As you begin to read Tarot you may feel a world of meaning and understanding open up to you. Follow us to learn about upcoming classes and Tarot workshops.